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In 2013 AFI was contracted by Bouygues Batiment International Construction to manufacture several domes to be installed on the Congress buildings of government.
AFI designed a different kind of structure as per the client’s specifications and requirements. These domes had a cornered circular formation throughout a complete radius, forming the shape of a complete dome. It was a similar design for all four domes and was manufactured using a vacuuming system to retain its strength, despite being a sensitive design.
This quality product was completed within the given time frame.
Bouygues Batiment International Constructions selected AFI to carry out a prestigious project which included the designing, manufacturing, and installation of a Dome for the ‘Ancient Palace in the beautiful capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat as part of the refurbishment of the palace.
AFI once again provided in client with a complete solution and a turn-key product.