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From large domes to carbon fiber sculptures, racing cars to restaurant interiors, Dubai-based ADVANCED FIBERGLASS INDUSTRY is a leader in the use of composites in manufacturing. From the creating point of view, you can get more fluidity in shapes and styles when using composites. The 16-story skyscraper in Ashgabat has a 26-m diameter spherical conference room at its top, decorated with a map of the world made using Gelcoat. AFI manufactured the sphere that is constructed of more than 300 double curvature composite panels bolted together and supported by a metal substructure at its manufacturing premises in Dubai.

The panels were trucked to Ashgabat where it was assembled onsite. Thanks to the use of sandwich technology, the weight of the panels was kept low, ensuring quick, easy installation on site.
The project in total – from design to mold, to manufacturing, to installation took the team of AFI, 6 (six) months to complete.