United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
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United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
+971 (0)43403905 Sun - Thurs 6:30 - 17:30 35b Al Quoz 2 Dubai UAE
+971 (0) 43403905 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Street 35b Al Quoz 2 Dubai UAE
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Advanced Fibreglass Industries is a flexible, experienced manufacturer and provider of fibreglass, GRP and epoxy composite products and associated services.  We offer a one stop shop offering a design studio, clean room and finishing facilities.  Our factory encompasses 3250 m2 facilities with highly experience technical staff and operators. Our company has a workforce of more than 100 handpicked members, each individual specifically trained for his profession.

Composite is lighter than concrete, so therefore it requires less, if any structure. The product can be built in factory, transported and assembled on site, rather than working in-situ.

Working across a diverse range of industry sectors, we have become the partner of choice for clients who include international architects and leading marine companies.

We are confident you will find Advanced Fibreglass Industries able to manufacture, repair and supply anything involving fibreglass. 

Spiral Staircase

The Spiral Staircase, Ribbon and reception desk for Yashat Atrium was again completed at AFI and installed within record time.

Profiterole Bar

The Profiterole Bar / Restaurant at the Hyatt, Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi was manufactured by AFI at our manufacturing premises and installed onsite.

The wonders of composite materials… Advanced Fibreglass Industries has experience of using aviation and boat building technologies in architecture and interior design. AFI offers high quality “plug and play” solutions.

The Evolute

‘The Evolute’ is a beautiful and unique structure located in ‘The corporate suites entrance, Burj Khalifa. This piece of art it also designed by artist Karim Rashid. This design was a big challenge for AFI, with the concept being ‘The shifting ovals vibrate and continue ad infinitem, an evolution of man, technology and energy’.

This piece of art was created using a uniquely reflective organic coating, with blends of natural stones, in transparent UV-resistant epoxy system, allowing for a long lasting gloss.

The sculpture comprises a single span winding and intertwining around itself, providing viewers with a unique perspective from every vantage point.

Switch Restaurant

2008-2009 – AFI was instrumental in the materialization of the concept of designer Karim Rashid – SWITCH Restaurant located in
Dubai Mall. The target was to manufacture the complete interior structure and furniture in a manner that adopts the design & outlay depicting the view – “similar to a mother’s womb”.

This visionary design concept was brought to reality by our design and manufacturing team. Seamless finish on the walls which were built one by one at the AFI manufacturing facility, and finished on site. No joints are visible to the naked eye.

AFI’s skilled experts were able to complete the project within record time.

Burj al Arab

Reception Kiosks, Under ocean Restaurant and Spa ceiling….
“The beauty of working directly with architects is that we can take their creation and help them advance it with aerospace style material and construction methods.”